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Lily Dizon is Hillsboro’s Amazing Kid

June 22, 2019 - Congratulations to aspiring author and public speaker Lily Dizon for being recognized by the Hillsboro Tribune as Hillsboro’s Amazing Kid.

Lily recently completed 6th grade at Ladd Acres Elementary School and will be headed to R.A. Brown Middle School in the fall. While at Ladd Acres, she was a leader and positive role model for her peers. She even wrote a mantra in the fall that everyone in the school recited on Tuesday mornings for the remainder of the school year: “Ladd Acres is a place of safety, friendship, loyalty and trust. We keep our heads up with pride. We dream big and push ourselves to the limits. We persevere and never give up. This is a place where diversity is respected and honored. Everyone is validated and loved. We are community. We are family. We are Ladd Acres!”

School counselor Samantha Anderson nominated Lily, noting that she deserves the recognition because she is—among  many other things—vulnerable, brave, and a dreamer who is willing to walk the walk and take charge.

Read more about Lily in the Hillsboro Tribune’s special 2019 Amazing Kids publication.