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Kimberly Huynh: Liberty Rotary Student of The Month

November 25, 2019 - Congratulations are in order for Kimberly Huynh from Liberty High School who is Hillsboro Rotary Student of the Month. Kimberly was accompanied to receive her award certificate by her parents and her World History Teacher, Beth Cook. Kimberly is especially grateful to her teachers at LHS who helped her grow the courage to be proud of herself and her Vietnamese-American culture. She is grateful to her parents for instilling in her a philosophy of hard work. Kimberly enjoys being a commentator on the Daily News Series at LHS, worked for the Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic last summer and volunteered at Tuality Hospital. Kimberly plans on attending USC to study film, directing and script writing. We hope that Kimberly achieves her dream and wish her a bright future!