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Stephanie Pacheco-Roman: Glencoe High Rotary Student of The Month

January 8, 2020 - Congratulations are in order for Hillsboro Rotary’s final Student of the Month for 2019, Stephanie Pacheco-Roman, a senior at Glencoe High School. Stephanie was accompanied to receive her awards certificate by her parents Linda and Gil and her Graduation Coach, Samantha Hodge. Stephanie participated in the highly successful canned food drive at GHS where students collected over 11,000 cans donated serving families in need. Stephanie was also involved with the recent Glencoe theater production of "The Good Farmer" a project she loved and is equally excited about the upcoming "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".  Stephanie feels that theater is a diverse place that "accepts everyone as themselves". Stephanie plans to attend PCC after graduation and major in Psychology and then transfer to a four-year college to finish her degree. We wish Stephanie a successful journey in pursuit of her educational goals!