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Proud To Be HSD Virtual Chess Tournament on

May 20, 2020 - We held our first ever virtual chess tournament yesterday afternoon as part of our Virtual Proud to be HSD Festival and had an impressive turnout with 55 players. The tournament lasted approximately 2 hours and was a quite battle! We’d like to thank longtime Brookwood Elementary chess coach, Larry Dickinson for his help in recruiting players and assisting with the coordination of the tournament.

Congratulations to our winners below!

  • 1st Place: Sean Maher (mahes923), Orenco, 6th grade with 6 points.

  • 2nd Place, 3-way tie: Danny Mamchik (ChecknMater), Orenco, 5th grade; Shaayan Sinha (sinhs794), Jackson, 5th grade; and Derek Dickinson (WayneSpren), HHS 12th grade all with 5 points.

  • 3rd Place: Spencer Dickinson (pianosalesman2), HHS, 10th grade with 4.5 points.

  • 4th Place, 7-way tie: Vihaan Kini (Explosionz789), Jackson, 5th grade; Joseph
    Heninger (upptex), GHS 9th grade; Jaden Wongsomadi (Da1toDefeatU), Orenco, 5th grade; Dallin Dickinson (Dallind), 10th grade; Jonathon Mohlman (uno098), HHS 10th grade; Cassie Dickinson (Michelle_d), Butternut Creek, 4th grade; and Lindsey Dickinson (batmanisrad), South Meadows, 8th grade all with 4 points.

Thank you all, so much, for your participation!