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Imlay Student Takes First Place in Oregon History Essay Contest

June 24, 2020 - Congratulation are in order for Imlay student Andrew Halderman for taking first place in a statewide Oregon History Essay Contest sponsored by the Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers! His essay, “Pioneer Spirit,” is below.

Pioneer Spirit
By: Andrew Halderman

Pioneer spirit is helping fight Covid-19, a worldwide pandemic. The world is showing Pioneer spirit by being adventurous and trying new things despite the challenging circumstances brought about by the virus. Pioneers lost many family members on the journey, but they never gave up. Today we are facing the same problem. Coronavirus has taken many lives, but the world will never give up until the disease is obliterated. The world has come together like never before. This is evident in three keys areas: the medical community, neighborhood communities, and the business community.

Doctors and nurses are fighting a new enemy they have never fought before. Doctors are working hard to get vaccines ready for Coronavirus. Doctors and nurses are going out of their usual fields in healthcare and to help to treat covid-19 patients. They are showing bravery and courage just like the Pioneers on the Oregon Trail. 

Communities are banding together to reduce the spread of the virus. One example of this is social distancing. People are staying in their homes, avoiding large crowds, canceling special personal events, and missing their relatives, all to fight the virus. Schools have found a way to keep in contact with students using online schools. The Pioneers used to protect their communities by circling the wagons but nowadays we’re protecting each other in these ways.

Businesses are changing their operations to defeat this evil foe. Companies are having employees work at home to reduce people coming to the work and getting stuff infected. A lot of companies like Target are doing same day delivery and offering new ways to get products like food out to homes. They are refusing to be defeated and are adapting to a new way of business,, just like the Pioneers had to adapt to a new environment.

Pioneer Spirit is going out and doing new things. Doctors, communities, businesses, restaurants, and stores are all great examples of pioneer spirit for what they're doing. Pioneer spirit is the reason coronavirus is slowly but surely leaving our world.