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Glencoe Theatre and KQRZ Radio Proudly Present Two Radio Thrillers

October 14, 2020 - Two small towns are facing the unthinkable – a MURDERER who hides in the shadows and may strike again. Who will live? Who will die? Find out in “The Whole Town’s Sleeping” and “The Visitor” - two spine-tingling radio plays performed by Glencoe High School Theatre. Both are airing in one thrilling hour at 8:00 pm October 29 and 30 on 100.7 FM and 96.7 FM KQRZ and streaming at

Theatre continues, even in the midst of a pandemic, with technology, determination, and the help of our local radio station. Glencoe Students are taking on the challenge of two classic radio shows, including acting and sound effects. In “The Whole Town’s Sleeping” a series of strange murders have taken place, but that’s not stopping Lavinia Francine, and Helen from enjoying a night at the movies. Will it be their last? In “The Visitor”, long lost Bud Owens is back home after being believed dead at the hands of a murder 3 years ago ---– or is he?
Don’t miss both of these renewed classic thrillers airing and live streaming twice on KQRZ, at 8:00 pm on October 29 and 30.
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