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Hillsboro Optimist Club Recognizes Middle School Students and Teachers

May 6, 2022 - The Hillsboro Optimists were able to revive their longstanding tradition of recognizing middle school students and staff who go above and beyond at a special event on Monday, May 2, at Trinity Lutheran Church. Honorees are selected for being positive, optimistic, kind, and supportive of the school and community. Mayor Steve Callaway and Superintendent Mike Scott joined members of the Hillsboro Optimist Club for this special event and provided their words of praise and encouragement to the awardees. Congratulations to the following students and staff:

  • R.A. Brown Middle School
    • 7th grade – Annie Ly and Courtney Odom
    • 8th grade – Viarel Pasillas Arellano, Simon Song
    • Staff – Mike DePinto
  • Evergreen Middle School
    • 7th grade – Cynthia Manriquez Vazquez, Skyler Jett
    • 8th grade – Evelyn Wineman, Lara Hernandez Fajardo
    • Staff – Juana Valadez Alvarez
  • Groner K-8
    • 7th grade – Maggie Harris
    • 8th grade – Dania Lizeth Valdovinos
  • Poynter Middle School
    • 7th grade – Adrian Montenegro, Grace Davis
    • 8th grade – Kiara Diaz, Ashley Clare Sarafa
    • Staff – Cheryl Dumbrow
  • South Meadows Middle School
    • 7th grade – Anya Buxton, Annaly Acosta
    • 8th grade – Enrique Juarez, Jocelyn Trejo
    • Staff – Grisel Tinoco