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Century’s Civics & Community Service Students Award Grants

June 8, 2022 - Each year, students in Century High School’s Civics & Community Service class have a unit called Community 101 in which they are tasked with researching a topic of broad community interest, selecting a specific sub-category, and running a mini-grant process in which they award money to organizations whose mission fits with their focal area. This year, the topic was discrimination, and after conducting and discussing their research, students chose to focus on racial discrimination. To fund their mini-grants, the class was given $5,000 by the Oregon Community Foundation, PGE Foundation, and Hillsboro Schools Foundation. From there, students invited nonprofit organizations and groups whose work centers on combating racial discrimination and social inequality to submit grant proposals. The class ultimately chose to fund four organizations: 1) Oregon Justice Resource Center - $2,000. Money will be used to create two monthly newsletters – one for youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system and their families, and one for those who represent and defend youth in the system; 2) Latino Network - $2,000. Money will be used to fund two $1,000 scholarships for Latino youth wishing to pursue higher education after high school; 3) Students of Latin Lineage (SOL) Club - $200. Money was used to secure transportation to the Portland Art Museum so club members could see the exhibit of works from prominent Mexican artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera; and 4) Century High School Food Collective - $800. The money will be used to purchase twenty $40 Winco gift cards for the families they support heading into the summer.