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Chloe Ollila: HOA Rotary Student of the Month

December 6, 2018 - Chloe Ollila, a Senior in the Hillsboro Online Academy, is seen here receiving her award certificate as a Student of the Month from Rotary president Lisa Gordon. She was accompanied to the meeting by her advisor, Jennifer Fields. Chloe enrolled in the Online Academy because it fits into her schedule the best under her current circumstances. She had previously attended Century High School. Chloe's class schedule includes many science-related courses as she is interested in Pre-Med studies when she is off to college next fall. She hopes to either attend PSU or Stanford. Chloe is a member of YAC (the city's Youth Advisory Council) and is very excited about their help in getting the city council to pass a recent initiative banning plastic bags in Hillsboro. She is hoping that the elimination of the use of plastic straws might be the next initiative they'll work on. We wish Chloe much success as she continues her studies in college.

Chloe Ollila receives Rotary award