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Essay Contest Winner Cuts Teacher’s Hair

January 04, 2019 - Imlay sixth-grader Skylee Horn recently won the opportunity to cut her teacher’s hair.

Every month, Imlay Elementary School students focus on improving a positive character trait. December’s focus was on practicing kindness. Sixth-grade teacher Dr. Kimberly Bayer saw this as an opportunity to hold an essay contest with her class to answer how our community, state, or world be different if more people practiced selflessness. The winner of the essay contest would cut eight inches off of Dr. Bayer’s hair.

Skylee was a finalist among four of her classmates and was chosen as the winner by Imlay principal Jennifer McCalley. Principal McCalley said the part in Skylee’s essay that won her over focused on the importance of kindness in community: “The community you live in doesn’t only function off of taxes and people, it functions off of people’s actions and teamwork.”

Dr. Bayer demonstrated kindness as well by reminding her students that the eight inches of hair that was cut would be donated to an organization that makes wigs for people who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy.

You can read Skylee's winning essay below:

Kindness by Skylee Horn

Kindness. Kindness is the only type of magic there is in this world. Everyday extraordinary people change others lives! These extraordinary people have the thing one needs most of all, kindness. “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” Says Lao Tzu, a person who believes in the magic of kindness.

People around the world are doing great things all the time. But there are still a plethora amount of people who don’t even know what kindness is. Being kind is the most simple thing in the world that you can do. Being a better person to others, respecting the mechanisms of the world, and…. Being considerate and caring to others. Kindness isn’t just being “nice” to others, it's valuing the actions of others, and living in integrity. If you hear a friend talking about someone that's different behind their back, being a kind person could mean saying “Stop, they are different and I like who they are.” Or even just saying “Hey, I like you because you care about who you become and your friends.”

The world is experiencing performances in great amounts of kindness, but not everyone takes part in these actions. This statement leads to one inquiry, how would the community, state, and nation be different if more people practiced kindness? states “Kindness is acting without expectation of reciprocity.” If more people acted out of kindness to be a good person, instead of just to look good, the world itself would be a better place. In third world countries, people are in poverty, suffering the lack of food and water, war, and pernicious diseases. If more people acted out of the happiness and joy it brings other people when you are kind, the world would be at peace. The community you live in doesn’t only function off of taxes, and people, it functions off of people's actions and teamwork. Teamwork and good actions are grown from the kindness you show. If people were more kind to others and their city or community, there would be a lot less pollution, vandalism, robbery, and fighting. There is a battle that's been going on between people since they are born. The battle of hate and kindness, the battle of who do you choose to be. The bully. The rich kid. The kid nobody messes with. The kind kid. Choose to be the kind kid, and you could change the world one step at a time.

Someone who is famous because of their kindness once said “You'll discover the best way to make people happy is by helping them make others feel happy. That can make you feel alive - even when you feel like you are dying.” That man was Chris Rosati, a man who passed away at age 46 from ALS, and a man who changed the world because of his kindness. Chris Rosati had a theory. He believed that a flap of a butterfly's wings could cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. This had to do with physics, but he also believed that the same could happen with kindness. He went and wanted to test it. He went to a diner and gave fifty dollars to two young ladies he didn’t know. “Do something kind.” He said to them. Months later he got an email that showed an African village holding up signs that said “Thank a lot for spreading kindness Chris Rosati.” His butterfly effect had been proven true. Chris Rosati was an extraordinary man and is remembered for his kindness that changed the world.

Kindness is everywhere. Kindness is the strongest magic. Kindness is the only thing that can hold someone up through hard times. People use kindness all the time. Extraordinary people are changing others lives out of kindness! Kindness is the best character trait of all. And when you use it, no one can stop you.

Courage holds up bravery. Giving holds up love. Humbleness holds up being thankful. Kindness holds up hearts. Being kind… it's the one thing you can do to change the world.


students Skylee announced as winner
Dr.Bayer preparing hair for cutting
Dr.Bayer with Principal McCalley
Skylee cutting Dr.NBayer's hair
Skylee with teacher Dr.Bayer