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Century and Hilhi Robotics Team Moves on to World Competition

March 14, 2019 - Congratulations to students from Century High and Hilhi who, on March 9th and 10th, received the First Place Think Award for outstanding engineering at the Oregon FIRST Tech Challenge State Robotics Championship. Their Awesome Nerds team has been invited to participate in the World Championship Tournament in Houston Texas in April. Receiving this award is the result of a lot of teamwork stretching over the last year including nights, weekends, holidays and the summer. Only 9 teams from the state are advancing. The team uses CAD designs and CNC fabrication to build their robot which is different from most teams that assemble their robots from pre-made parts - similar to an erector set.   The Awesome Nerds designed and fabricated the vast majority of their robot from raw materials using their own custom designs. To help promote STEM and robotics, the team has produced a collection of tutorial videos and material that can be found on YouTube and Instructables. They also went thru special training to get certified to use the Tualatin Valley Community TV studio. Videos produced in studio were aired on Frontier/Xfinity TV stations throughout the metropolitan Portland area.  If you'd like to know more about the Awesome Nerds you can find additional information on their Facebook page and YouTube.  Of particular interest is a video they created showing how the robot was formed - it's called "The Creation of NERD-1". Check out the following links:

Left to Right: Dominic Wilson, Century; Ian Fischer, Hilhi; Lynn Nguyen, Sunset High; Ethan Cooley, Hilhi; Stephen Docy, Hilhi; Nick Stolte, Hilhi; File Aguilar, Hilhi