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Interested in Online School?

Interested in Online School? Interested in Online School?

Students and their families who are interested in pursuing an online education or supplement their home school curriculum are encouraged to browse under Academics page for an introduction to our curriculum.



HillOnline desires to meet the needs of students and families of the greater Hillsboro community, providing an additional option for students in addition to our comprehensive schools.  HillOnline is also charged with reaching out to families who homeschool or have left the district for an online school outside of the Hillsboro School District.





Students in online schools outside HSD are no longer allowed access to electives in their neighborhood school. Students have access to electives at their neighborhood school if space allows.
Charter schools with a school district outside of HSD. Public, non-charter online school.
The 1st in Oregon.
The newest school in the Hillsboro School District.
Fully online;
no face-to-face component.
Blended or hybrid model;
we provide students with local access to HSD teachers for each of the core subjects at our Peter Boscow site.
Full-time enrollment only;
no partial enrollment for families who wish to homeschool and enroll in an online school.
Both full-time and part-time enrollment available for families who wish to homeschool their student in some courses but enroll in online for others!
Parent serves as a "learning coach" - very time intensive and success of the student is dependent on parent involvement. No parent requirement to be an official "learning coach".
Parents have access to tools to view student progress.
Social activities available but difficult to access because of the distance.
Parents sign on to coordinate the activities.
Activities based out of our Peter Boscow/HillOnline Center.
Parents invited to participate!
Technology provided on request.
Mix of desk-top and laptop equipment.
Laptops...for families needing technology through a generous donation from NIKE and Intel.
Requires "synchronous" online learning sessions called "live lessons".
Students must "attend" at a specific time.
No synchronous live lesson requirements.
Courses available 24/7.
Students invited to face-to-face instruction at our Center.
Limited technology support. Onsite technology assistance and support at our Center.
Teachers from all over the state and nation may or may not be Oregon TSPC certified (see Charter Rules) 100% Certified Teachers

Below is a list of the major online charter schools in Oregon.


 ORCA – Oregon Connections Academy
A charter school of the Scio School District **

 ORVA – Oregon Virtual Academy
A charter school of North Bend School District **

ORVED – Oregon Virtual Education
A charter school of Gaston School District (tied to NWRESD).

 MEWA – Metro East Web Academy
A charter of Gresham Barlow School District

Estacada Web Academy and Early College
A charter of the Estacada School District

Clackamas Web Academy and Early College
A charter of the North Clackamas School District

 Fossil Web Academy
A charter of the Fossil School District

Baker Web Academy and Early College
A charter of the Baker School District

Insight School
Charter of Crook County School District with the K12 company, (same as ORVA)

 Many others:  Charter Schools In Oregon

 **Two national for profit companies are behind the majority of charter schools in Oregon; Connections Academy and K-12 both headquartered on the east coast.


Hillonline is provided curriculum through the State of Oregon…ORVSD…Oregon Virtual School District, who has purchased curriculum from Florida Virtual Schools for the entire state to use. ORVSD is a result of state legislation, (SB1071), in 2005 enacted to promote online education in Oregon and an arm of the Oregon Department of Education.