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Transfer Process


Transfers are required for students to attend a school other than their "home school" -- the school assigned based on the parent/guardian's legal address of residence.  Please note: your city of residence does not define your school district.  The Hillsboro School District comprises parts of several cities, including Beaverton, Cornelius, Portland, and Hillsboro.  To confirm your home school, please call out Transportation Department at 503-844-1123.

There are two main types of transfers:

  • In-District:  transfers within the Hillsboro School District
  • Inter-District:  transfers between the Hillsboro School District and another district (i.e. Banks, Beaverton or Forest Grove)



The in-district process applies to Hillsboro School District residents who wish to apply to schools within the District.  All resident students need to be enrolled in their home school before submitting a transfer request.  To apply for an In-District transfer, please fill out the IN-DISTRICT TRANSFER REQUEST completely.  A letter explaining the reason for the transfer request must also be included.   Keep in mind that transfers are approved for ONE YEAR ONLY and are contingent upon the student meeting academic, attendance, and behavioral expectations.

Transfers will be evaluated on several factors, which may include the reason for the request, student history, and space availability.  There are no guarantees of approval.  Please review the transfer policies and criteria, read the application form carefully before signing, and attach all necessary documentation.  Incomplete requests may be returned without consideration.

You may drop off your transfer request to your home school, to the District Administration Office at 3083 NE 49th Pl, Hillsboro, OR  97124, or by fax to 503-844-1557.

More information on current District policies related to school assignments and transfers.



The inter-district transfer process is governed by state laws as well as district policies.

This process applies to resident students who wish to transfer to other districts (e.g., Beaverton or Forest Grove School Districts) or non-residents who wish to transfer into the Hillsboro School District.

This process does not apply to residents who wish to transfer to a school within the Hillsboro School District (see in-district transfer page).

Please read inter-district transfer policies carefully before submitting your request.

Student-athletes: OSAA eligibility rules apply for high school transfers. Please read the full text of the OSAA Position Statement or contact OSAA at 503.682.6722 for more information.

HB3681 Open Enrollment Process (March 1-31, 2018)  This type of transfer does not require permission from the home district. 

HB2747 Standard Process for Grades K-12 (May 1-31, 2018)  This type of transfer requires submission to and approval by BOTH resident and non-resident school district offices.