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Concurrent Enrollment

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

By opting to take one or more online courses through Hillsboro Online Academy, while attending your neighborhood school full-time, you are considered to be concurrently enrolled.


How can I get started?

Students and their families are asked to meet with their counselor in their neighborhood school to discuss courses and options available.  


How do I enroll?

Once a plan is made, the counselor will submit a request that goes through an approval process. Once the course request has been approved, HOA will contact the requesting counselor with the next steps and instructions for the student.


What if I decide the concurrent enrollment isn't for me or want to change a class?

If changes are needed to be made regarding your class/classes at Hillsboro Online Academy, communication must begin with your neighborhood school Counselor, not our HOA Counselor.  Schedule changes will not be made without your Counselor’s approval.