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Trex Challenge Results

Thank you for supporting our school in the Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge, which began mid-November and ended April 15.  We hope that you found it enjoyable and learned a bit about recycling.

We competed against 15 other schools with enrollments of 0-350 students in Trex's Northwest region (Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming).  All together, the sixteen schools collected and recycled 7,464 pounds of plastic film! During that time, HOA collected 1,425 pounds of plastic film!  In April, we collected 610 pounds of plastic which put us in the lead and we won the bench, made of Trex boards. 

The bench will be installed near the playground over the summer and will be our Friendship (Buddy) Bench. A student can sit at the bench when he or she needs a friend to play with, feels lonely, or left out. Other students know that when someone is on the bench that they want to be asked to play.  It's a great way to include people and make new friends!

Some plastic