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If not you, then who?

Every two seconds someone in the US needs blood.Currently, the Red Cross has less than a 3 day supply of emergency blood reserves and blood is being used faster than it can  be collected. We need YOUR help to make sure that blood is available for all those in need.

On Thursday March 21st from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm HOA will have our 2nd annual Spring Red Cross Blood Drive - we need you to volunteer your time and/or donate blood. If you can't donate blood or time - do you know someone who can? 

During the blood drive we will ask donors where they heard of the drive and for each person that YOU send to donate blood you will be entered for a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card! We have 18 donation spots to fill so you have a 1/18 chance to WIN for each person you recruit to donate!!! Ask your parents, older siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, etc!

To learn more facts about the need for blood and blood donation click here:

Ready to make an appointment? Use Sponsor Code: onlineacademy when you search here:

Links to an external site.Links to an external site.You can verify your eligibility here: 

If you have any questions (and especially if you'd like to volunteer) you can contact Melissa Hebert at

Melissa Hebert