Spring Clubs

Spring clubs information/ Informacion sobre los clubes

Track (Tuesdays/Thursdays) / Atletismo (Martes/Jueves)

Start date: April 16th and End date: June 4th 

Times: 2:20-4:20pm 

Ballet Folklorico (Mondays)/ (Lunes) 

Start date: April 8th and End date: May 20th 

Times: 2:20-4:20pm

Gardening (Mondays/Tuesdays) / Jardineria (Lunes/Martes) 

Start date: April 4th and End date May 28th 

Times: 2:20-4:20pm 

Choir (Mondays/Thursdays) / Coro (Lunes/Jueves)

Start date: April 29th and End date: May 30th 

Times: 2:20-4:20pm