Agriscience 2

Science and technology are revolutionizing many areas of our lives – and agriculture is no exception! From aquaculture to genetic engineering, agriscience is finding new ways to better produce and manage plants, animals, and other natural resources. Let’s delve deeper into important agri-areas such as soil science and weed management. And explore research on plant and animal diseases as well as the insects and other pests that can impact agricultural enterprises and natural resources.


Required Materials


  • Plant seeds or cuttings
  • Growing media
  • Growing container
  • A sharp blade and rooting hormone, depending on the plant you choose
  • Soil or other growing media
  • Soil test kit
  • 2-3 pots
  • Seeds of your choice (make sure your growing medium is appropriate for the seed you chose)
  • Plant
  • Pest management materials (vary based on chosen strategy)