Twenty-seven Classroom Technology Projects Receive Funding

Posted by Brian Huffman on 1/2/2014 4:50:00 PM

During the 2013-14 budgeting process, the School Board approved a transfer of funds from discretionary reserves to jump-start the District’s investment in instructional technology. One of the investment areas was a mini-grant program, in which teachers who are ready to use technology in new and innovative ways to increase student engagement and achievement could submit their project ideas for possible funding. An incredible 87 applications were received during the submission period, detailing projects that ranged from using iPads in a kindergarten classroom to accelerate phonemic awareness and reading skills, to using Chromebooks to conduct virtual dissections in a high school science classroom. A team of nine staff and Board members reviewed and scored the grants according to a pre-established rubric; the resulting scores were then compiled and used to rank the grant applications. In the end, 27 projects were awarded funds. Click here for a synopsis of each project.