Mon 2/22/2021 12:01 p.m. - Msg to All Staff, Wave 4

Additional Wave 4 Vaccination Appointments Now Available

Mon 2/22/2021 12:01 p.m.

Hello everyone,

Our health system partners have shared that additional appointments are now available for employees in Wave 4. Employees in Waves 1, 2 and 3 still have the opportunity to make an appointment. More information on this and detailed scheduling instructions are available below. Please note that every time a new block of appointments is opened, there is a ton of traffic on the scheduling website. If you get error notifications or the system tells you that you appear to be offline, just refresh your browser and keep trying. J

There will only be 2,000 appointments opened today, so not everyone who qualifies under Wave 4 will be able to schedule. An additional 4,000 appointments are slated for release on Thursday at noon. I will send another email confirming that release.

Here is the list of eligible staff types for each wave and how you will identify in the online chatbot:

HSD Eligible Wave 1 Staff

Identification in OHA System

HSD Eligible Wave 2 Staff

Identification in OHA System

HSD Eligible Wave 3 Staff

Identification in OHA System

HSD Eligible Wave 4 Staff

ID in OHA System

Special education staff supporting LIPI


Grades 2-6* teachers, support staff, specialists, administrators


(*The cutoff in the system is at Grade 5; however, Hillsboro and a couple of other districts have Grade 6 at the elementary level and got approval to include them in Wave 2. PLEASE NOTE that if you teach 6th grade, you will have to select that you are a Grade 2-5 teacher. If you do not, you will have to wait until Wave 3 when Grade 6-8 teachers are eligible.)

I am a teacher or support staff member: Grades 2-5

Grades 7-8 teachers, support staff, specialists, administrators

I am a teacher or support staff member: Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12 teachers, support staff, specialists, administrators

I am a teacher or support staff member: Grades 9-12

Elementary staff supporting LIPI

Middle School staff supporting LIPI

Front office staff at all schools


I provide other school-based support: Substitute Teacher; Athletic Coach

High School staff supporting LIPI

Activities and Athletics staff/ coaches/ advisors who are not currently working with students

Family Outreach Liaisons

Federal Programs Liaisons (e.g. Migrant Education and McKinney-Vento)

Campus security

Activities and Athletics staff/coaches/advisors who are currently working with students

Other student-facing district staff

Student-facing district staff

Transportation staff

Bus driver, custodian, or work in food services

Nutrition Services staff

Custodial staff at all schools

PreK-1 teachers, support staff, specialists

PreK-1 Teacher

Elementary administrators

Facilities/Technology staff who work in schools

As a reminder, these instructions are for eligible educators only. Sharing these with friends and family is a violation of the standards for competent and ethical performance of Oregon educators.

Have a great day!

Beth Graser
Chief Communications Officer
Hillsboro School District



If you need help following these instructions, call the HSD Vaccine Hotline at 503-583-4675.

Instructions for Waves 1 through 4

Kaiser Permanente, Legacy Health, OHSU and Providence are partnering with Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to allocate first dose vaccinations for Phase 1b/Wave 1-4 employees at the Oregon Convention Center.


Oregon Convention Center

777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

Vaccination appointments are being coordinated with your employer and are invitation only. We anticipate appointments will fill up quickly and at times run out based on vaccine supply. Please know additional appointments will open as soon as vaccine supply is available, and we will continue these efforts until we complete each vaccination phase. 

The following scheduling information should not be shared.  

What You Should Do

NOTE: An appointment is required; do not show up at the Oregon Convention Center if you do not have an appointment scheduled.

To secure an appointment for your first dose of COVID-19 vaccine:

Click this link: 

1.     Scroll to Find a vaccine appointment and access FAQs.

2.     Click Let’s get started box.

3.     A chat box will pop-up to the right labeled Vaccine Information Tool, click Start chat.

4.     Click Vaccine eligibility in the Vaccine Information Tool.

5.     The tool will take you through a series of eligibility questions – answer for your individual circumstance.

6.     If you are eligible and clinically cleared, you will see a link to Schedule now to make your appointment.

7.     Click Schedule now to make your appointment.

8.     You will be taken to the scheduling website.

9.     Choose a time by searching and clicking on the preferred time.

10.  Click Schedule It!

11.  If you have a Legacy Health MyHealth account, click Log In and Schedule 

a.     If you do not have a Legacy Health MyHealth account, you SHOULD schedule as a Guest—this is how you will be able to schedule your booster dose. 

12.  Enter in all the required fields (fields that have a red asterisk). Click Next. 

13.  Find your insurance or choose “other” from the drop down list. Fill in the required information. Click Next.

14.  Complete the verify screen.Click Schedule it! 

15.  At the confirmation screen, you may print out the appointment.

16.  Then, Sign up for MyHealth, by clicking Sign Up Now at the bottom of the confirmation page. Your MyHealth account will allow you to:

.               Schedule your second dose appointment at your convenience.

a.              Cancel or reschedule your appointment, if needed.

17.  If you do not have a MyHealth account you will receive a confirmation email at the email you provided.  

Preparing for your vaccine

In preparation for your vaccine appointment, please review the following instructions and important information:

1.     Bring employment identification, proof of insurance and identification (i.e. driver’s license, piece of U.S. mail).

2.     We are experiencing a high demand and wait times will vary. 

3.     Allow time to stay for a 15-minute post-vaccine observation period in the vaccination area.  If you have a history of severe allergies to anything, you will need to be monitored for 30 minutes at the vaccination site. If you don’t have time to wait, you will not be vaccinated.

4.     Wear a loose top so your sleeves can be easily rolled up to your shoulder and bring a mask or face covering.

5.     Location parking is available at no cost in parking lots P1 (entrance on NE Lloyd Blvd.) and P2 (entrance on NE 1st Ave.). The Oregon Convention Center garage does not accommodate RVs, campers, trucks with trailers and similar oversized vehicles.

6.     You will not be able to choose the manufacturer of the vaccine. Depending on which vaccine you are given, the vaccine requires two doses, either 21 or 28 days apart. You will be provided instruction at the time of your vaccine about how to schedule the next dose.

7.     Read the Emergency Use Authorization fact sheet for recipients of the Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine.

Please do not attend your appointment if you have:

·       been told to stay at home due to COVID-19 infection or exposure. 

·       fever over 100 degrees, without taking fever-reducing medicine, for 24 hours before the event.

·       received any other vaccine in the last 2 weeks.

·       received monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma as part of COVID-19 treatment in the last 90 days.