Butternut Creek Elementary School

Final Lead Testing Results for Butternut Creek Elementary School


To the students, staff and parents of Butternut Creek Elementary School,

On September 22, we provided you with preliminary lead testing results for Butternut Creek Elementary School, which indicated that the first draw samples from 3 of the 60 possible sources of drinking water in the school showed elevated levels of lead. Those water sources were removed from service while the second samples were tested. We now have results from the second samples, which show that all three water sources have lead concentrations below the EPA’s recommended action level of 20 parts per billion (ppb). As an extra measure of precaution, the fixtures at these locations will be replaced before the water sources are returned to service.

Water sources with initial results showing an elevated lead level:

  • Boy’s Bathroom Near Main Office, Left Hand Sink Faucet – CLEAR
  • Room 16, Sink Faucet – CLEAR
  • Room 18, Sink Faucet – CLEAR