Century High School

Lead Testing Results for Century High School


To the staff, students and parents of Century High School

Over the summer, we conducted water testing at all District facilities and have been awaiting the results, which are coming in one-by-one. We just received the report for Century High School, where 217 possible sources of drinking water were tested. Results are that the first-draw sample from eight outlets indicated an elevated level of lead (see locations below). However, upon testing the flush samples from each of these outlets we learned that all had results below the EPA’s recommended action level of 20 parts per billion (ppb). That means the lead content was in the fixtures themselves, not in the water supply or the pipes leading to the outlets. Therefore, we will be replacing the fixtures and then returning those water outlets to service as possible sources of drinking water at the school.

Water sources with initial results showing an elevated lead level:

  • Kitchen prep sink – CLEAR
  • N121, south restroom, right sink with foot controls – CLEAR
  • N121, north restroom, left sink with foot controls – CLEAR
  • S166, lab sink #1 – CLEAR
  • S247, lab sink #1 – CLEAR
  • S245, lab sink #7 – CLEAR
  • Kitchen snack bar, small stainless steel hand wash sink (left sink) – CLEAR
  • Kitchen snack bar, large stainless steel prep sink (right sink) – CLEAR