Purchasing Procedures

Purchasing Procedures
All District purchases must be in compliance with purchasing policy. This includes all payments for services, P-Card purchases, and employee reimbursements. In addition, the District is implementing a higher level of best practices to ensure accountability and transparency for stakeholders. All purchases must go through the office manager and be approved by an administrator prior to authorization and payment.

Please see the at-a-glance guidance below and contact your office manager or bookkeeper with questions prior to purchasing, as past practices may no longer be allowed.

  • Requisitions and purchase orders are the preferred method. This requires planning ahead and working through the office manager.
  • Petty cash should be used for incidental purchases up to $30. Turn in a receipt to the office manager for cash.
  • Reimbursements can be requested for purchases over $30. Anything over $250 must be authorized by the CFO. All reimbursements require itemized receipts - not in excess of IRS rules for meals, etc. - and submission within 30 days. Gratuity is not to exceed 20%. Expenses for events must describe the event and who (individual or group) was in attendance.
  • The P-Card program is designed for online value purchasing and travel expenses, not “normal” purchasing. There are a limited number of individual cardholders; check-out cards are available through the office manager for infrequent staff use. The office manager has full discretion over user access. Mismanagement can result in card suspension or cancellation:
    • Accidental personal charges
    • Amazon (and other websites) to default to P-Card
    • Unallowable expenditures
    • Delayed documentation of charges (P-Card logs)
    • Letting other staff/parents use P-Card
    • Using card for purchases that should be made through requisitions/purchase orders
    • Deliveries to home or unauthorized sites
  • Gift cards have many limitations
    • Authorized only for places that do not sell prohibited items (tobacco/vaping products, alcohol, pharmacy, weapons, etc.) in increments of $25 or less
      • Not allowed for places that sell prohibited items: Amazon, Fred Meyer, Target, etc.
    • May not be given as compensation

Thank you for following best practices in purchasing in HSD. Please see #OKnotOK for additional details, and please direct questions to your administrator or office manager.