Record Your HSD Story This Week

Show us Your HSD Story
In preparation for our all-staff kick-off event on Tuesday, Aug. 27, we are gathering video clips filmed by YOU. We want to create a dynamic picture of who we are as a community by recording a week in HSD through the eyes of our staff.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. SHOOT IT! Capture video of your week April 29 through May 3 - perhaps the most visually impressive, surprising, embarrassing or creative moment within your pocket of the HSD community - 30 seconds to 3 minutes, any time day or night, featuring people, places, things, whatever. Put your smartphone to use! We would prefer horizontal video submissions but will accept vertically-shot footage as well.
  2. SEND IT! Submit your video clips through this Google Form or send the video file(s) to You have until Monday, May 6, to upload your footage from the previous week. Please include your name, work location, and role/position along with your submission.
  3. WATCH IT! The full video will air during our all-staff kick-off event on Tuesday, August 27.

If you have questions, please contact Omar Rivera at or 503-844-1762 (ext.2762).