Hillsboro Schools Foundation Grants

Hillsboro Schools Foundation Grants
Hillsboro Schools Foundation (HSF) is now accepting abstracts for their Innovative Education Grants. 

HSF supports projects that put the tools of exploration, imagination, and self-expression directly in students’ hands, giving them opportunities they may not otherwise have through annual school funding. 

The application process is simple, fair, and open to all HSD staff and volunteer parent groups for programs that enhance student achievement both inside and outside the classroom. HSF evaluates and selects proposals based on student engagement and achievement; innovative instructional methods and tools; and sustainable, measurable results. 

Abstracts are due by Wednesday, Feb. 12. Selected finalists will be notified by Friday, Feb. 28, and are then invited to complete a full application by Monday, Apr. 6. Approximately $50,000 in grants will be awarded in mid-May and will be available for projects implemented during the following school year.