Tips for Remote Office Safety and Comfort

Tips for Remote Office Safety and Comfort
Many of us are going from walking around classrooms and buildings to sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time. Here are some resources for safety and comfort while working remotely. 

Kaiser Permanente has assembled 10 tips to enhance your well-being while working remotely:

  1. Get dressed and ready to transition into your workday each morning.
  2. Set aside a designated work area to help you focus. Pay attention to your body position (more ergonomic information below).
  3. Schedule walking meetings. This can be done remotely using a video conference - you can even share a picture of where you walk.
  4. Take a virtual coffee break with a teammate.
  5. Open virtual meetings with a Community Builder - “What was the last book you read?”
  6. Take regular breaks. Sometimes remote work can lead to overworking, which can lead to injury. Taking short, active breaks can help increase productivity and creativity levels.
  7. Stay connected within your team.
  8. Set and keep regular office hours.
  9. Eat a healthy lunch or snack. Research shows that healthy eating has a direct link to overall productivity levels. 
  10. Pick a definitive finishing time each day.

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