Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather
Novermber 23, 2020 - Thanksgiving week is traditionally when we talk about the potential for inclement weather and remind families about where they can find information on modified bus routes, the process for making decisions about delaying or closing schools, how we communicate changes to the normal school day, and so on. 

And while inclement weather is still an important topic that needs to be addressed, because all students are currently engaged in Comprehensive Distance Learning the impacts are slightly different. 

Hazardous road conditions are typically the determining factor in whether or not we will delay or close schools (or the entire district). However, with students and teachers engaging with one another remotely, the learning process can continue even during times of bad weather - assuming electricity and internet service are uninterrupted. 

What could be affected by hazardous road conditions is our buses’ ability to access their normal meal delivery routes. Therefore, if there are days when our buses cannot travel safely throughout our district, we may activate inclement weather bus routes in some areas. 

Our Transportation department has divided our district into zones. In some of these zones, there are inclement weather bus routes that are different than regular bus routes. Check the map on our Inclement Weather webpage to identify your zone, and see the list of inclement weather bus routes for each zone. If the zone in which your home is located is not listed, your bus stop for meal pick-up will remain the same, even if inclement weather bus routes are activated. 

We will announce inclement weather bus route activations on FlashAlert Newswire, on our website, and on our social media sites if they are necessary. Please contact Transportation with any questions, 503-844-1123.  

Updated Inclement Weather Memos for staff are available on the Staff Links page of our website:

Licensed Staff Memo

Classified Staff Memo

Administrator/SuperTech Staff Memo