Health and Wellness Resources

Health and Wellness Resources
December 13, 2021 - OEBB and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation provide some quick tips, short videos, webinars, and other resources to increase your health, knowledge, and wellbeing. 

Access OEBB’s December Benefits Newsletter here. This newsletter shares information on benefits that are available to you, as well as upcoming webinars and events like these:

  • OEBB Wellness Champion Network Webinar. Get fun and easy tools to promote health and wellness in your workplace during this 45-minute webinar on Monday, Dec. 13, from 3:15 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Self-Care During the Holidays webinar. During stressful times, it’s very important to prioritize yourself. In this 30-minute webinar on Thursday, Dec. 16, from noon to 12:30 p.m., they will talk about self-care, mindfulness, and journaling. 

Alliance for a Healthier Generation offers three quick ways to help you find peace this holiday season:

  1. Create a 15-minute “Worry Window.” Watch this one-minute video to learn how to allow a few minutes each day to focus on the things you can’t control, then move on with more intention and energy. 
  2. Virtual Me Moments Hub. Explore these practices on your own or with students to build self-regulation - an important social-emotional skill to identify and manage emotions.
  3. “Just Like Me” Guided Meditation for Educators. Learn how to practice giving grace to yourself and others in this two-minute mindfulness exercise video.