COVID Testing Options

COVID Testing Options
January 24, 2022 - As we mentioned in the all staff communication on Jan. 20, our pop-up rapid COVID test clinic for staff will continue indefinitely. You can also obtain free at-home COVID tests through, and OEBB members can get reimbursed for tests purchased after Jan. 15, 2022. See below for details based on your insurance provider. 

Kaiser Members
Kaiser Permanente will now reimburse members for FDA-approved rapid antigen home tests. Members can submit a reimbursement claim either online or by completing and mailing in this form for tests purchased on or after January 15, 2022. 

Currently, there is a nationwide shortage of rapid antigen home tests. Like other healthcare organizations, Kaiser has access to a very limited supply of tests, but they are working to get more and to make them available to members through a number of outlets, including mail-order. Visit for the most up-to-date information on supply, testing, and vaccinations.   

Moda Members
Moda Health will reimburse members up to $12 per test (not including shipping costs) for tests purchased on or after January 15, 2022. They will reimburse up to eight tests per 30 days for each person on a Moda Health plan, no matter if the tests are purchased all at once or at separate times during the 30-day period. 

At in-network pharmacies, simply take the kit and your Moda Health member ID card to the pharmacy counter. The test will be covered at 100% and no reimbursement form is needed. If the pharmacy charges members for the at-home testing kit, they can use this claim form for reimbursement. If members purchase online at an in-network pharmacy, they should keep a copy of their itemized receipt and use the claim form linked above. 

If members purchase the kits at an authorized in-person or online retailer, they should provide a copy of their itemized receipt and fill out the OTC COVID-19 at-home test medical reimbursement form

Visit for the latest information about coverage of COVID-19 benefits.