United Way Campaign

United Way Campaign
December 12, 2022 -
Each year, HSD joins forces with United Way of Columbia-Willamette to mobilize support around improving lives in our region. Participating in the United Way’s annual campaign provides you with the opportunity to share in this vision and enhance our community.

Local agencies need ongoing help with the most basic needs in our community. The United Way’s program for specific agency donations allows donors to select an agency of their choice to receive their contribution. There are many Washington County agencies that work directly with children and families, or you can select any other tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity to receive your donation through the United Way.

For more information, please visit the United Way website and review their FAQ. When you decide to donate, you can email your completed pledge form to Katie Russell-Willis, send it via interdepartmental mail to AC201, or fax it to 503-844-1557. 

Click here to view informational videos and see how your donation makes an impact.

This year’s campaign runs from Friday, Nov. 4 to Friday, Dec. 16. 

Each of us has an opportunity to give back to our local neighbors and communities. Thank you for what you do, not only as an educational professional, but also as an integral, contributing member of our local community.