Winter Break Reminders

Winter Break Reminders
December 12, 2022 -
As HSD prepares to take winter break, here are a few best practices for “shutting down” your classrooms and office spaces:

  • Close drapes and/or blinds to reduce heat loss during the day.

  • Turn off all monitors and charging carts.

  • Ensure no furniture, posters, or bulletin boards are covering HVAC units or sensors. Ventilator fans must be exposed to allow for proper air circulation even during periods where rooms are not occupied.

  • Ensure all light switches are OFF, thus disabling any unintentional use of lighting sensors. 

  • Turn off and unplug all personal lamps and other small electronics. 

  • Turn off and/or unplug personal printers, projectors, TVs, copiers, coffeepots, radios, powerstrips (not connected to computer equipment), and other devices. 

  • Empty and unplug all refrigerators, and prop open the door. 

  • Unplug all personal microwaves.

  • Turn off and unplug all classroom PA systems and hallway monitors. 

Gift yourself cost savings by adopting these energy-saving best practices at home during the holidays:

  • Schedule a heating system check-up if it has been a while since you had one. 

  • Keep the cold air outside by adding or replacing weatherstripping around doors and windows.

  • Switch to a smart thermostat to optimize your furnace runtimes. 

  • Turn down the thermostat at night and bundle up under a blanket for additional warmth. Reducing set points during sleeping hours reduces overall usage. 

  • Close off unused rooms - why heat a room no one uses?

  • If you have a fireplace, close the damper when it’s not in use.

  • Keep air vents unblocked. Blocked air vents make your heating system work harder and reduce air circulation. 

  • Check your insulation, especially around electrical outlets, plumbing, windows, and skylights. 

  • Set your water heater to 120 degrees and insulate it. This moderate temperature provides adequate hot water and keeps the heating element from running more than necessary.

  • Wash and dry only full loads of laundry. Consider wearing clothing - especially outer layers - multiple times before washing. 

  • Put your holiday lights on timers. 

  • Switch to LED lights, including holiday lights.

  • Unplug unused electronics and appliances. Appliances that are plugged in draw electricity even when set in the “OFF” position. These are known as “energy vampires” because they draw energy during periods of non-use or sleep.

  • Take advantage of the full sun during the day and then close drapes/blinds at night. Days are short, but when the sun comes out free heating is available!