Improving Cyber Security in HSD

Improving Cyber Security in HSD

Security is becoming an increasingly prioritized focus for the District and is guiding changes in how we operate.

The first step in improving our safety and security footprint has been the recent implementation of a banner that appears on all email originating from outside of the HSD domain. This alerts staff to be more aware of the source of an email before taking any action listed in the message or opening attachments it may contain.

We have also started the process of implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) for our email and for our Google domain. This helps prevent bad actors from accessing email or Google resources should a user’s password get compromised in some way. Having multi-factor authentication will be a requirement for all staff accounts beginning October 1, 2018.

What is multi-factor authentication? Multi-factor authentication requires two forms of authentication to login to a resource like Web Mail or Google Drive. One form is the District password you have always used, the other is usually a code sent to you on another device.

Technology Services will be enabling multi-factor authentication for all staff members in the summer or early fall for both Google and Web Mail. It will be enabled, but not required until October 1, 2018.This means those who want to get an early start on enabling multi-factor authentication can opt in prior to the October 1 deadline and start protecting their accounts now. We will not be enabling multi-factor authentication for students in HSD at this time. As more applications become multi-factor enabled, we will add them to list of required applications enforcing multi-factor authentication.

Guides have been created for Google and Web Mail that will help people walk through the process of enrolling and enabling multi-factor authentication. These articles can also be found in JiTTER by searching for MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication.