VCR recording

VCRs Community Readers
Each Thursday morning, the latest VCRs recording of books and stories are uploaded on to AgeCelebration’s Facebook page for Hillsboro elementary school children to enjoy with their families whenever convenient. VCR’s is a group of community members who want to share their love of reading with children and let them know we care about them and their education. We are very pleased to have students and families from Eastwood, Free Orchards, Minter Bridge, Lincoln St., McKinney, and W.L. Henry taking time to listen to the VCR's readings each week, and we welcome all schools and all young students to join us virtually.
VCRs is an extension of AgeCelebration’s long-running “Community Readers” program at Eastwood Elementary School. Since it is not possible to be together right now, we came up with a way to let the kids know we are thinking of them and want them to enjoy reading just as much as we do! Feel free to share the link at your school, your PTO, all the young children in your life or in your neighborhood! Everyone invited! Everyone welcome! So gather round, settle in, and enjoy this week’s stories!
Click Here for Dec. 31 Zoom Recording