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Licensed Bargaining

2024 Licensed Bargaining Updates

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024 the Hillsboro School District began contract negotiations with the Hillsboro Education Association. Our goal is to establish a collaborative process that will allow us to settle on a contract that is beneficial to students and staff, and that is fiscally responsible for our community.

Linked below are updates summarizing meetings between the District's and HEA's bargaining teams.

2024 Licensed Bargaining Teams

Hillsboro Education Association

  • Mary Kay Babcock, HEA President
  • Mu Son Chi, OEA Uniserv Consultant
  • Jill Golay, HEA Bargaining Chair 
    4th Grade Teacher at Jackson Elementary School
  • Angela Adzima, HEA Vice President
    Technology TOSA in the Office for School Performance
  • Sally Reyes, High School Representative
    Math, Science, and Engineering Teacher at Liberty High School
  • Lisa Tanedo, Middle School Representative
    Social Studies Teacher at Evergreen Middle School
  • Kathy Newman, Elementary Representative
    General Education Specialist and Student Success Coach at Brookwood Elementary School
  • Elizabeth Nahl, Counseling Representative
    Child Development Specialist at McKinney Elementary School
  • Michele McCourt, Special Education Representative
    Speech-Language Pathologist at Free Orchards Elementary School
  • Sylvia Weir, Equity Representative
    Spanish and Spanish Language Arts Teacher at R.A. Brown Middle School

Hillsboro School District

  • Kona Lew-Williams, Human Resources Officer
  • Brian Hungerford, HSD Attorney
  • Mark Watson, HSD Board Member
  • Brian Haats, Director of Human Resources
  • Michelle Morrison, Financial Officer
  • Elaine Fox, Executive Director of Student Services
  • Sarah Crane, Executive Director of Schools
  • Julie Kasper, Principal of Century High School
  • Mykle Rojas, Principal of Imlay Elementary School
  • Berta Lule, Principal of Reedville Elementary School
  • Jamie Lentz, Principal of Patterson Elementary School
  • Kelsey Culligan, Human Resources Supervisor

As Needed

  • Nancy Thomas, HSD Board Member Alternate